Sunday, 5 July 2009

A Tragic Day

At seventeen, the worst thing you think will happen wilst driving is smashing the car up and having to face your mother's wrath. We think we're invincible - recently passed our tests, freedom to go anywhere, do anything.

I woke up this morning to a text message informing me that a friend of ours - a guy who had been in my year, my tutor, my classes, and had hung around with a similar group of people to me for the past six years - had died in a car crash last night.

It's still sinking in: it's unfair, that someone so young, with so much ahead of him, had his life taken away. In the car there was also an eighteen year old, who I vaguely knew, and a nine-year-old. They both died too. I could not believe it when I heard; it seemed like some awful prank. Not only is it a sad loss for their parents, siblings, families and all the friends they had, but it's also a wake up call: who knows when their time is coming.

I had to post in memory of them all, but especially for the guy from my year, who will be missed by us all. I have just left flowers at the scene; RIP, to three young men whose lives were taken far too soon.