Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Allergic to Tuesdays?!

I am off school again, and coincidentally it is once more on a Tuesday! I go all school year without a day off, then take two Tuesdays off in a row. I woke up Sunday morning feeling as though I had a cold coming on, and had a sore throat by the end of the day. Then, yesterday I started getting a blocked and runny nose, and my eyes started streaming. This morning I woke up feeling the same, and decided it made no sense to push myself to go into school, as I can't concentrate anyway - my head is pounding. So, another day in bed - so far I have watched Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier, Will & Grace, Jeremy Kyle, and now I'm watching This Morning. There's not a lot of choice on weekdays, and I don't feel up to reading or doing homework at the minute.

Thank-you to Molly and Jess for the kind messages on my blog from last Tuesday. I'm still feeling quite stressed - I have a feeling that I'm feeling so rough with this cold because I'm stressed, although there is a flu bug going around here at the minute - with schoolwork, but I'm trying to stress myself out less. My step-grandad had his scan, and it revealed the cancer hasn't spread, which is relieving: the cancer is localised, and although it will require a major operation to remove it, hopefully the fact that it hasn't spread so far is a good sign.

I finsihed sorting out a visit to an open day of Salford University two days ago, and the tickets arrived today: it's quite an early open day, but as the course there is my top choice at the minute (English Language with Linguistics) I've decided it's worth the money. I'm going up with my mum, as my dad and sister will be in Germany visiting my family, and I'm looking forward to it!

Wow, I managed a relatively short post - probably because my eyes are stremaing alot, and it's taken a while to write this much! - and I will update more soon. Right now, I'm going to close my eyes and hope to get some more sleep!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A tough week

The last few days have been quite stressful, and as I have a free five minutes, I thought I'd blog about them now. As you may have noticed, I'm blogging in the middle of a week day - I just couldn't face school today. I've not really just taken a day of before, without being quite ill, but after very little sleep, and waking up with stomach cramps and what felt like the beginnings of a migraine, I decided to have a day at home. I'd been stressed last night, and hadn't had a chance to finish all my homework due in today, so I thought I could catch up on my sleep and my homework today. I've spent the morning so far in bed, reading a book I have to read for school (Lies of Silence) and then had a bath; I'm about to start some history homework now.

On Friday I took part an a three legged race for Comic Relief, and ended up falling over, ripping my expensive jeans and hurting my knee. It's still hurting quite a bit, and keeps starting bleeding again - all in all, quite bad end to what was already a very long & dragging week!

Yesterday was not a great day: as seems to be quite normal for me, I didn't have a good nights sleep Sunday, and then yesterday was the anniversary of my Grandad's death. We were extremely close, and so yesterday was quite an emotionally difficult day - I still can't believe he's gone, or that it was a year ago he left us, and miss him every day. It's hard too because my mum finds it very difficult now he's gone, and so we were all quite upset yesterday. On top of that, I found out that my step-grandad's cancer has returned, and he has to have another scan on Thursday to see if it's spread: if not, they will remove the lymph nodes in an operation soon; if it has, then they have to consider chemo. It really wasn't a good day, and I was in a poor mood all day. When I realised that my teachers for my afternoon lessons weren't there, I was quite annoyed: I'd only had two lessons in the morning, and had I known earlier I could have gone home.

Last night I started to get quite stressed about my step-grandad, and then about school-work, and when I get stressed I tend to start feeling ill. Sure enough, I started getting a migraine and chest pains. I tried to get all my homework done, but gave up at ten and decided to try and sleep. I then ended up waking up about ten times throughout the night - and woke up exhausted this morning. I got up, and then decided I'd probably do better to have a day off.

Well, I'd best get going and do some homework - I have to go to the opticians in an hour or so, as my glasses have decided to be a pain, and the lenses have twisted slightly, making them very uncomfortable!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Keane Pictures!

The whole band, at the end of the show.
The lead singer holding the microphone + stand over the crowd so we could sing the lyrics for him!

The whole band near the front of the stage

'Perfect Symmetry' - during this song, the screen was split into two

The album art from 'Perfect Symmetry'

I want to see them again!

You can see how close we were, here's the lead singer Tom.

I just realised I never got round to putting up photos from the Keane concert I went to, so I thought I'd do it now - I'll never get round to it otherwise, and I'd quite like them up here =] They're in a bit of a backwards order, but they're there!

Hairpin bends and tiredness

It has been a very long week - and it's not even over yet! Unfortunately, this week has been one of those that just seems to drag, and today it feels as though I have been counting the minutes, waiting for my lessons to finish. I'm really not enjoying History, and it seems to drag terribly - I'm definitley considering giving it up at the end of the year. I don't really understand why I don't like it, as I absolutely loved History last year, and am finding it difficult deciding whether to give it up - but at the minute, it seems more sensible to do 3 A Levels next year, rather than four, so I can focus on the other three and hopefully have a little more free time when I'm at home, without stressing over homework!I'm not sleeping at the minute either, which doesn't help - my French teacher asked me in French today if I was tired, and then informed me that I looked it (which took me a moment to translate, given my tiredness!). I'm hoping to get an early night tonight (and actually sleep!) as I went with my mum last night to pick up my sister and her friend from a concert about 40minutes drive away, as she didn't want to go on her own, and we didn't get back til late. I should probably be getting homework done, but none of it's due tomorrow, and I'm so tired, so I'm going to have a night off. I don't think I can face any essays or notes tonight!

I had a driving lesson a couple of hours ago - not the easiest thing when you're tired! - and we went to a local village, doing lots of hair pin bends, which I was getting quite confident at by the end! I'm loving driving, and can't wait for my next lesson on Monday =] I decided to go shopping last week, which probably wasn't sensible as I am saving for America, but as I worked a day and did two babysitting jobs, and haven't been shopping in ages, I decided to go. I wisely steered myself away from Waterstones, as I know I would end up spending a fortune on books I don't actually have time to read, but I did treat myself to some new clothes, and ended up with a new phone, as mine is packing up. I've gone for a contract, something which I've avoided before, but as I seem to spend so much on my mobile, have decided is worth it. It's nice to not to have to think about how much money I'm spending, as it's feixed at £20 a month, which is less that I was spending on pay-as-you-go. And I get a nice new phone =]

As I'm not doing any homework, I'm going to write some more of my novel, which I've been forced to neglect recently as I have had so much homework, and have a nice early night. Hopefully no teachers will be commenting I look tired tomorrow! Hope anyone reading this has a nice weekend =]

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Birthday Remembrance

Where does all the time go! March already, and more than a week since I last updated my blog! Still, I'm updating now - and it's been a busy week again. Today would have been my grandad's 66th birthday, but he died just under a year ago, and so all my family are thinking of him today. It was very hard losing my gran, as we were so close, but when my grandad died I was so much older, and so much more aware, that it was even harder. I honestly cannot believe that it'll be a year on the 16th since he died: it seems like just last week. Last Friday (the 27th - my birthday!) would have been my gran's 66th birthday too, and so this time of year is always a hard one for everyone, especially my mum (as they were both her parents). It's hard all the time, but so much harder when it's a momentous occasion that those who are gone have missed: I was feeling this the other day when I had my first driving lesson, and wishing that my grandparents could have been here to see me.

Anyway, onto happier topics, it was my birthday on Friday - and I had a great day. My friends were all really generous and thoughtful with gifts, which included series one of the Tudors, and two collages of photos of all our friends, with a couple of images of cute famous guys who I like thrown in for good measure :) My friend J made me a collage full of things that she felt were linked to me and here, which was really nice - and funny! It included references to the novel I'm writing, to things we had growing up (I've known her since I was two) and odd phrases that we both come out with. Then, straight after school I had my first driving lesson. I was extremely nervous, but once I was in the car I absolutely loved it! It was straight onto the road, and we did lots of looping round residential roads, practicing things like hill starts and gear changes. Then I was onto roads with more cars, and ended up doing 2 roundabouts! I really loved it, and i now have L plates and insurance sorted on my mum's car, so I'm practicing every chance I get! Then, in the evening, my mum, sister, dad and I went to see 'He's just not that into you'. I have to say I was a little disappointed with it: it was pleasant enough viewing, but not as good as I'd hoped. Still, we had a nice night. Unfortunately I had to cancel my night out on Saturday with my friends from work as two of them had come down with this sickness bug that seems to be going around (as have most of my other friends - fingers crossed I'm not next!) but I'm just postponing it for a couple of weeks.

If you've read my blog before, you'll be shocked at what I did Saturday night: got up to date with all my homework! :O I know, amazing. For once I didn't procrastinate, I just got it done - and it was nice to have a free day Sunday, which I spent reading and then helped my mum with the shopping at Tesco. I then bought 2 new books at Tesco, which is a mistake as I already have so many to read! (My current one is "A great and terrible beauty" by Libba Bray - it was a little slow starting, but I'm getting into it now!)

I then had my second driving lesson on Monday during my free periods, where we did more of the same, and I've been practicing in car parks and small roads with my mum too. I was driven home by one of my friends for the first time today, and it feels odd - for years we've all been reliant on our parents (the public transport down here is terrible!) and it's nice to have some freedom, although it feels weird knowing you're allowed to be driving!

Off to practice some driving now, then just a little homework to do tonight =] I will try and update soon, else otherwise I end up writing loads and loads when I finally get to update! I hope the sun comes back soon, I only got to see it for a day, and now the rain's back ... =[