Monday, 29 December 2008

Back to reality

After a quiet Christmas (with an alternative lunch of soup and vegetarian hot dogs!) it's unfortunately time to get on to the homework that is sat waiting for me- teachers clearly do not believe in having time off. So, a quick blog just to put off the inevitable just a little longer!

We ended up going to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, which was an interesting experience, slightly marred by the fact that I could not stop coughing! Still, it had a nice atmosphere, and when we got home, we all opened a present each - after all, it was Christmas Day by then, and Santa had been! We had a lie-in on Christmas morning (probably due to the fact that we are all recovering from this bug!) and then a nice leisurely morning opening gifts - I got some lovely presents.

Boxing Day was again different to previous years, but still nice - a lazy morning, a trip to the beach where my grandad's ashes are scattered (my grandad no longer being here is the reason behind our alternative Christmas) and then I was lucky enough to meet up with a friend of mine who I see rarely (as he lives in a different country!) and we had a good 4 hours talking and laughing. Overall, a better Christmas than I had envisaged.

I have a week of work, and am not back to school until the 5th, but that just means lots of homework to fill the time! I did have another lazy morning this morning, not getting up until midday(!) and have been indulging in a lot of reading over the past week - i finished my 17th book in a week last night! Yes, I gave in a re-read Twilight, as well as many other books on my shelves and that were new for Christmas. I'm now reading 'Brighton Rock' but that's for my homework, so I don't need to feel guilty about that one!

It was lovely to hear that two children who I babysit for loved their presents - and seeing all my family and friends open their gifts was definitely the best part of Christmas for me. I hope anyone reading this had a good Christmas, and I'll wish you a Happy New Year if I don't post before then!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Tracking Santa and a Makeshift Tree

So, it's that night of the year again where all children will be sleeping early, and waking their parents up very early the next day. :) I'm not feeling 100% well yet - the coughing is starting to really irritate not just me but my family as well! Still, I'm feeling better than I did the other day, and other than the coughing and lack of sleep, I'm not feeling particularly rough. I had to miss work today, because I still wasn't quite feeling up to that - but luckily I think I'll be feeling a little more like myself tomorrow.

Our makeshift tree is up: as I mentioned before, we're not bothering too much with Christmas - so our 'tree' is some fairy lights around our bookshelf, with our presents beneath it. I'm quite surprised I've done quite well with pressies this year - my friends have certainly been generous! I can't wait 'til tomorrow to see what everyone thinks of the gifts I've given them.

I've been enjoying the magic of Christmas by tracking Santa on the NORAD website - it's fun, and gives me something to do whilst I'm coughing! - and at the minute, Santa is in Qom, in Iran. (

I sent off my last Christmas Presents to children on Post Pals yesterday, so I'm hopign they'll arrive in time. Actually, I'm lying - I was still in bed, it was my mum who got sent out to send them for me!

So, other than tracking Santa and listening to alternative Christmas Music online (hey, if we're doing an alternative meal with vegetarian hot dogs for tomorrow, might as well go the whole hog and list to My Chemical Romance's version of All I Want for Christmas is You!), I will be watching the usual trashy Christmas TV (I enjoyed The Santa Clause today!) I might also be going to Midnight Mass: it's something we've all never done before, but have always wanted to - so, if I'm still up, and not coughing to badly, I may be there tonight!

Thank-you to my first follower, Molly, and comment-er Jessica - yes, Post Pals is great! Merry Christmas!

I just want to wish everyone reading this, and everyone whose blogs I follow, a magical and merry Christmas - make sure you're in bed early if you want Santa to come!

Monday, 22 December 2008

Illness, boredom and kindness.

Unfortunately, I've caught this flu type bug that's going around, and so today marks day three of being in bed and day five of feeling ill. I really hate coughs and colds, and seem to have a weakness surrounding them. I'm not sure whether it's medically viable, but ever since I had severe whooping cough at the age of six or seven, colds always seem to turn into chest infections, or at least make me feel ill for a longer period of time than my family. I have had two days now of coughing so violently that I'm sick, and that's ahppening about once every hour - so I;m really hoping this goes away soon! Perfect timing, of course - instead of celebrating my sister's birthday, I'm in bed, and I'm not sure how great I'll feel Christmas Day. Still, nevermind - I'm wuite glad it's now rather than during term time, because I hate missing work and having to catch up.

Illness undoubtedly makes me bored, so I've done all my Christmas wrapping and read eight books over the last three days. If only I did something productive (like homework!) with this time, rather than reading a lot of Meg Cabot books, then I could be more productive!

I got the sweetest reindeer Christmas Tree Decoration today from a boy who I write to through PostPals, and that has really cheered me up and made my day. I'll put a photo of it on here later - it's so cute, and hanging up next to my bed now.

I'm pretty exhausted, as I didn't get any sleep last night thanks to the coughing, so I'm gonna try to get some more now.

Thursday, 18 December 2008


A few days since I've posted - although I'm not sure it matters, as I'm not sure if anyone's looked at this! (if you take a look, maybe leave a comment? =]) - and I have an addiction to blame for that: Twilight. Having shunned the books as being 'the next Harry Potter' (believing, of course, nothing was going to match Harry Potter) I ended up reading all four books in Stephanie Meyers' series because I wasn't going to be a hypocrite and say that Harry Potter was better, without firmly knowing. The first time I read them they really gripped me - if you haven't read them I'd suggest you do! - and rereading them has had the same effect: they're like a drug, so amazing to read that I can't stop myself going back for more, despite the fact that I don't want to get to the end and not have them to read anymore, and the fact that I have other things I should be getting on with. Ah well, healthier for me than any drugs would be! So, my addiction t0 Twilight (and namely Edward Cullen) means I haven't been focusing on a lit the last few days, and I;ve had all sorts of other things getting in the way too.

I'm not feeling great - coming down with this flu type bug going around I think - so this won't be a long post, as I want to get to bed. Last day at school tomorrow, and I have to say I'm pleased - could really use the break! I can't believe it's a week until Christmas - although I'm not particularly celebrating it this year, it's still a landmark date of the year, and despite buying all my presents really early, I haven't finished wrapping them and posting the ones that need sending off yet!

I'd best get going, tiredness is setting in - going to see Twilight tomorrow, and don't wanna feel awful!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Once again - as seems to be the theme of my blogs! - I am avoiding doing homework. Is this just a normal teen attitude? I hope so. Having just got back from Parents' Evening (good reports all round, so I'm happy!) I just don't feel like getting onto the homework, so I've chosen to sit in front of FRIENDS on the TV, by the heater, with a cup of tea - and it's nice to relax after evenings full of homework. I still have some to do tonight, but I just don't feel like starting it yet.

I should also be practising for a carol concert I'm playing in (backing the children from the Primary School where I do work experience in their carol concert around the Old Peoples' homes where I live, but I thought I'd do a quick blog entry first.

I'm can't wait for Christmas, but I have to admit it's more the Christmas Holidays off from school than the actual day that I'm looking forward to - I feel like I could do with a break from school for a couple of weeks. I'll probably be working Christmas Eve, which I don't mind: to be honest, I'm quite happy to be getting the money.

A friend saw my bank statement the other day, and was asking me what a couple of transactions were, to companies she didn't recognise. When I explained a little about Post Pals, and that they were presents for various children on there, she was extremely surprised that I would spend money on children I don't even know. That doesn't bother me - if I can spare the money, I'm quite happy to buy a small gift that might cheer a child up. I've just realised that every one of my posts has Post Pals in it - it shows what a big part of my life it seems to have become very quickly.

I started this post an hour or so ago, but got distracted - so I'd better be getting going now, as time is ticking away and I quite want an early night, once I've got my homework done!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Wrapping Extravaganza

I'm just taking a break from a Christmas-Wrapping Marathon, both for my family and friends and people I write to via Post Pals. I've had a bit of a tough day - for many reasons, that I won't bore you with - but sitting down and wrapping gifts for people, and anticipating their smiles when they recieve them. This especially applies to the kids on Post Pals: I love buying gifts for kids, because they are always so much more excited, and enjoy them so much more. When you know a child is ill, and your gift and time taken to send it and a card may brighten just a second or two of their day, then it seems that much better.

I'm pretty exhausted - it was quite a long and busy day at work - so I probably should be in bed. But hey, what are Sundays for except a lie in! SO, back to the topic - I'm wrapping Christmas presents. I'm not the world's best wrapper - far from it, as my sister would confirm - but I'm trying my best. It's the thought that counts, right? I'm using plenty of bows and ribbons, because they always make things look that little but better! There are lots more presents to go, so this will only be a short blog - I don't want to get so tired that I can't get them finished! I can't believe Christmas is just so near. I can't say I'm particularly looking forward to Christmas, as due to family members that are no longer here to celebrate it, the whole thing is a little bit marred with upset. We're not bothering with it much, so I guess this is my way of celebrating Christmas: going out and buying all the presents, the cards, the wrapping paper, as well as writing from the reindeer, to send to kids.

I can't believe I only stumbled across Post Pals two months ago: it seems to have become quite an important part of my life now. When I'm out, I see things that one of the Pals would like, and I buy it (at the minute, I can't seem to stop!) I check the website pretty much everyday, and check the blogs of some of their parents daily - especially Sarah Milne's blog on William, at the minute. At the minute I seem to be writing a card, letter or wrapping a gift each day too - and I love it!

Anyway, the wrapping won't do itself, so I'll leave for now!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Circadian Rhythms

I just realised another first yesterday - it was the first of December! Strange I didn't notice that. Another late blog post, as right now I really should be asleep, but am instead wrapping gifts, surfing the net and generally staying up. I found out I'm not to blame, however: my Circadian Rhythms mean that, whilst I apparently need 9 hours of sleep tonight, I am not tired until later, and need to sleep longer in the mornings. Whilst school doesn't exactly afford me the privilege to lie-in in the mornings, that doesn't seem to stop me staying up. I'll regret it tomorrow...

I'm part of the 'reindeer scheme' on Post Pals, where you send cards from each of the reindeer. I'm having a lot of fun doing it, and sending little Christmas related gifts along too - so I;ve been wrapping and writing those tonight. I had a bit of a battle getting one thing into the envelope, but so far, so good. The delicate bits are bubble wrapped, and most of the cards are waiting to be sent at appropriate intervals.

There seem to be so many demands on my free time, I probably shouldn't be writing as blog - tonight alone I really needed to practice piano, do homework, and get some of these gifts wrapped. I managed the homework (just about!) and the gifts, but here I am, up late, with no attempt at practicing piano. I will have to do that tomorrow.

I've also been round to a friends house today. I bought her, her little brother and little sister some very special glittery 3D Christmas Tree ornaments, which I took round today. They all loved them, especially the little two - although I have a feeling they'll be begging mummy for the Christmas Tree now!

Another school day tomorrow - the holidays can't come soon enough for me! - although luckily only 4 lessons, as I have work experience in the afternoon. I do this every Wednesday afternoon, at a local primary school, and love it =].

Well, one more present, and then I'll sleep. It's ok, I can blame my Circadian Rhythms tomorrow...

Monday, 1 December 2008


So. My first blog, and my first post. It's a day of firsts, really - I'm in the process of making my first website. However, it is not (unfortuantely) the first time that I've managed to distract myself from my homework with the Internet. That seems to be a big flaw of the Internet: its ability to distract. So, I have a pile of homework waiting to be done...and yet I'm on here. Well, I'll cross the homework bridge when I come to it.

So, why the title? Well, I love The Killers - my favourite band - and since I bought their latest album, I haven't stopped listening to it. So, their hit single 'Human' is on in the background - and the inspiration for my blog.

I've been planning to start a blog for some time now - I love writing, I love the Internet, and I love exoressing my opinions - it seems a wonder I haven't started a blog before now! I decided I want to begin setting up a website, but whilst I'm setting it up, I thought I'd quite like a blog. So, here I am!

Other than The Killers obsession, what else do you need to know? Well, I'm 16, female, doing my A-Levels (English Lit, English Language, French and History) and I'm vegetarian. I'm looking forward to getting out of Sixth Form - despite the fact I'm only in my first term! - and getting off to Universtiy. I'm slowly getting to grips with the change in workload for A-Levels, but it's a helluva lot of work. I've been told A-Levels are the hardest - apparently Uni is easier than this! Let's hope so.

The vegetarianism - well, if you read any more of my blog, I'm sure you'll hear all about it, so I won't go into it here.

Rather than doing my homework last night, I decided to get a load of stuff onto Ebay: surprisingly, not to make enough money for Christmas Presents (I've actually done all of my Xmas shopping already!) but just for some extra cash - I want to go on a school trip to America in a couple of years time. I've also been avoiding the homework by wrapping up Christmas presents (hey, I know it's early, but still.) I've been buying gifts for ill children on the website 'Post Pals' ( and having fun wrapping them. I sent a couple off today, as their things for the kids to open before Christmas - so I hope they enjoy them! Hopefully if I have time tonight I'll wrap some more, write some more Christmas Cards and send them off.

I guess I'd better make a start on the homework!