Thursday, 28 May 2009

Abandonment of Blog

Ah, I've been a bit useless at blogging lately! Things have been so hectic, I'm afraid i just haven't had a time to post, but I'm here now!

The reason for the chaos is mostly down to exams; so much revision to do, so little time and motivation! I've done four exams so far, and have another two to go. I hope that the first four went ok - French Speaking, French Reading/Writing/Listening, English Lit, English Lang - but the next two are the hardest, as they're for History which I hate & have the most to study for. The problem with it is that the revision is really important - with English Lit, for example, it's difficult to revise; the work you've done all year is what pays off ,if you get what I mean.

My lack of motivation is proving to be a problem too; I think it's because I've worked pretty hard this year, and so now there's no homework I just can't face doing the work. Plus, with revision you're never truly finished, there's always more that can be done, which I don't like!

My last exam is on June 8th, and although I still have another 6 weeks at school after that, I hope it will be a little more relaxed than the rest of the year has been. Other than revision, I have been focusing on my novel - something else which distracts me from revising! I have finished the first round of edits, and have some people currently reading it, although I'm looking for some more who'd like to take a look at it. Luckily people have more free time now that we're heading for summer! I have been planning a sequel, and a third book too - it seems it will be a series! - and have finally worked out the titles: Family Portrait, Snap Shot and Camera Shy. Now I just have to finish my exams so that I can get writing again! I've been trying to fit in some reading too (more distractions!) and have finally finished 'Extras' by Scott Westerfield. I then started 'The Other Boleyn Girl' by Phillipa Gregory, and was so addicted I read it all last night - I definitley recommend it!

Right now I'm on a lunch break from revision (and it is actually a deserved break - I've bene revising all morning!) but I'm gonna to get back to it soon. I promise another blog post soon!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A Bad Day

I knew today wasn't going to be great; I had a mock history exam scheduled for the morning, a difficult essay due in for a teacher I'm not too keen on, my French Oral exam in the afternoon, and a dentist appointment after that. Luckily, I managed to escape the History mock: I told my teacher I hadn't had a chance to revise, as I had my real exam that afternoon, and she allowed me to reschedule it for tomorrow. I got the essay done, and whilst it wasn't fantastic, I did at least have a few pages to hand in.

I felt really rough all day, because I was so nervous: I find nerves affect me really badly, and I end up feeling or being sick, and having crippling stomach pains. Because of this, I'd asked to have my exam in the morning, but she decided to put it in the afternoon.

So, after a long day of worrying, I got to the exam, and I think it went ok; I was opretty fluent, although I know I made some mistakes. I'm hoping it'll be alright. After that, we went to the dentists; now, I don't particularly mind the dentists, but it's not exactly the nicest place to be. Luckily, he said my teeth looked fine.

Then, around half an hour ago, my mum wanted to go to the garage, and I asked if I'd drive. She checked to make sure all our cats were inside, as one of them is quite deaf and so doesn't move when cars start. Then, I began to reverse of the drive - and heard a squealing. The deaf cat had come outisde, unseen by my mother or me, and I think I ran over his tail. We're waiting for the vet now. I feel terrible, and really put off driving; I'd checked, and just didn't see him at all.

Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Friday, 1 May 2009

I have...

finished the book I'm writing! This is a quick post, as it's late and I have work tomorrow, but I had to post it (yes, on both my blogs. I'm happy!) The first draft of 'Family Portrait' is now complete =]

I have done a word count of everything I've written for this book, and it's ended up at over 91,000 words. However, I decided tonight that a section I wrote just didn't quite work, and ruined the book a bit, and so the first version now stands at around 86,000 words. But I already have a sequel planned out, so all the cut bits will most probably end up in there.

Right, I must sleep. Just had to post it! =]