Thursday, 18 December 2008


A few days since I've posted - although I'm not sure it matters, as I'm not sure if anyone's looked at this! (if you take a look, maybe leave a comment? =]) - and I have an addiction to blame for that: Twilight. Having shunned the books as being 'the next Harry Potter' (believing, of course, nothing was going to match Harry Potter) I ended up reading all four books in Stephanie Meyers' series because I wasn't going to be a hypocrite and say that Harry Potter was better, without firmly knowing. The first time I read them they really gripped me - if you haven't read them I'd suggest you do! - and rereading them has had the same effect: they're like a drug, so amazing to read that I can't stop myself going back for more, despite the fact that I don't want to get to the end and not have them to read anymore, and the fact that I have other things I should be getting on with. Ah well, healthier for me than any drugs would be! So, my addiction t0 Twilight (and namely Edward Cullen) means I haven't been focusing on a lit the last few days, and I;ve had all sorts of other things getting in the way too.

I'm not feeling great - coming down with this flu type bug going around I think - so this won't be a long post, as I want to get to bed. Last day at school tomorrow, and I have to say I'm pleased - could really use the break! I can't believe it's a week until Christmas - although I'm not particularly celebrating it this year, it's still a landmark date of the year, and despite buying all my presents really early, I haven't finished wrapping them and posting the ones that need sending off yet!

I'd best get going, tiredness is setting in - going to see Twilight tomorrow, and don't wanna feel awful!

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