Saturday, 6 December 2008

Wrapping Extravaganza

I'm just taking a break from a Christmas-Wrapping Marathon, both for my family and friends and people I write to via Post Pals. I've had a bit of a tough day - for many reasons, that I won't bore you with - but sitting down and wrapping gifts for people, and anticipating their smiles when they recieve them. This especially applies to the kids on Post Pals: I love buying gifts for kids, because they are always so much more excited, and enjoy them so much more. When you know a child is ill, and your gift and time taken to send it and a card may brighten just a second or two of their day, then it seems that much better.

I'm pretty exhausted - it was quite a long and busy day at work - so I probably should be in bed. But hey, what are Sundays for except a lie in! SO, back to the topic - I'm wrapping Christmas presents. I'm not the world's best wrapper - far from it, as my sister would confirm - but I'm trying my best. It's the thought that counts, right? I'm using plenty of bows and ribbons, because they always make things look that little but better! There are lots more presents to go, so this will only be a short blog - I don't want to get so tired that I can't get them finished! I can't believe Christmas is just so near. I can't say I'm particularly looking forward to Christmas, as due to family members that are no longer here to celebrate it, the whole thing is a little bit marred with upset. We're not bothering with it much, so I guess this is my way of celebrating Christmas: going out and buying all the presents, the cards, the wrapping paper, as well as writing from the reindeer, to send to kids.

I can't believe I only stumbled across Post Pals two months ago: it seems to have become quite an important part of my life now. When I'm out, I see things that one of the Pals would like, and I buy it (at the minute, I can't seem to stop!) I check the website pretty much everyday, and check the blogs of some of their parents daily - especially Sarah Milne's blog on William, at the minute. At the minute I seem to be writing a card, letter or wrapping a gift each day too - and I love it!

Anyway, the wrapping won't do itself, so I'll leave for now!

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