Monday, 22 December 2008

Illness, boredom and kindness.

Unfortunately, I've caught this flu type bug that's going around, and so today marks day three of being in bed and day five of feeling ill. I really hate coughs and colds, and seem to have a weakness surrounding them. I'm not sure whether it's medically viable, but ever since I had severe whooping cough at the age of six or seven, colds always seem to turn into chest infections, or at least make me feel ill for a longer period of time than my family. I have had two days now of coughing so violently that I'm sick, and that's ahppening about once every hour - so I;m really hoping this goes away soon! Perfect timing, of course - instead of celebrating my sister's birthday, I'm in bed, and I'm not sure how great I'll feel Christmas Day. Still, nevermind - I'm wuite glad it's now rather than during term time, because I hate missing work and having to catch up.

Illness undoubtedly makes me bored, so I've done all my Christmas wrapping and read eight books over the last three days. If only I did something productive (like homework!) with this time, rather than reading a lot of Meg Cabot books, then I could be more productive!

I got the sweetest reindeer Christmas Tree Decoration today from a boy who I write to through PostPals, and that has really cheered me up and made my day. I'll put a photo of it on here later - it's so cute, and hanging up next to my bed now.

I'm pretty exhausted, as I didn't get any sleep last night thanks to the coughing, so I'm gonna try to get some more now.

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Rainbowelephant said...

I hope you don't mind me leaving a comment. I found your blog via some of the postpal parents blogs. Postpls is great isn't it. It totally makes my day when i recieve a letter back.
Anyway, just to say I hope you feel better soon and have a joyful Christmas time,
from Jessica