Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Circadian Rhythms

I just realised another first yesterday - it was the first of December! Strange I didn't notice that. Another late blog post, as right now I really should be asleep, but am instead wrapping gifts, surfing the net and generally staying up. I found out I'm not to blame, however: my Circadian Rhythms mean that, whilst I apparently need 9 hours of sleep tonight, I am not tired until later, and need to sleep longer in the mornings. Whilst school doesn't exactly afford me the privilege to lie-in in the mornings, that doesn't seem to stop me staying up. I'll regret it tomorrow...

I'm part of the 'reindeer scheme' on Post Pals, where you send cards from each of the reindeer. I'm having a lot of fun doing it, and sending little Christmas related gifts along too - so I;ve been wrapping and writing those tonight. I had a bit of a battle getting one thing into the envelope, but so far, so good. The delicate bits are bubble wrapped, and most of the cards are waiting to be sent at appropriate intervals.

There seem to be so many demands on my free time, I probably shouldn't be writing as blog - tonight alone I really needed to practice piano, do homework, and get some of these gifts wrapped. I managed the homework (just about!) and the gifts, but here I am, up late, with no attempt at practicing piano. I will have to do that tomorrow.

I've also been round to a friends house today. I bought her, her little brother and little sister some very special glittery 3D Christmas Tree ornaments, which I took round today. They all loved them, especially the little two - although I have a feeling they'll be begging mummy for the Christmas Tree now!

Another school day tomorrow - the holidays can't come soon enough for me! - although luckily only 4 lessons, as I have work experience in the afternoon. I do this every Wednesday afternoon, at a local primary school, and love it =].

Well, one more present, and then I'll sleep. It's ok, I can blame my Circadian Rhythms tomorrow...

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