Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Once again - as seems to be the theme of my blogs! - I am avoiding doing homework. Is this just a normal teen attitude? I hope so. Having just got back from Parents' Evening (good reports all round, so I'm happy!) I just don't feel like getting onto the homework, so I've chosen to sit in front of FRIENDS on the TV, by the heater, with a cup of tea - and it's nice to relax after evenings full of homework. I still have some to do tonight, but I just don't feel like starting it yet.

I should also be practising for a carol concert I'm playing in (backing the children from the Primary School where I do work experience in their carol concert around the Old Peoples' homes where I live, but I thought I'd do a quick blog entry first.

I'm can't wait for Christmas, but I have to admit it's more the Christmas Holidays off from school than the actual day that I'm looking forward to - I feel like I could do with a break from school for a couple of weeks. I'll probably be working Christmas Eve, which I don't mind: to be honest, I'm quite happy to be getting the money.

A friend saw my bank statement the other day, and was asking me what a couple of transactions were, to companies she didn't recognise. When I explained a little about Post Pals, and that they were presents for various children on there, she was extremely surprised that I would spend money on children I don't even know. That doesn't bother me - if I can spare the money, I'm quite happy to buy a small gift that might cheer a child up. I've just realised that every one of my posts has Post Pals in it - it shows what a big part of my life it seems to have become very quickly.

I started this post an hour or so ago, but got distracted - so I'd better be getting going now, as time is ticking away and I quite want an early night, once I've got my homework done!

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