Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hairpin bends and tiredness

It has been a very long week - and it's not even over yet! Unfortunately, this week has been one of those that just seems to drag, and today it feels as though I have been counting the minutes, waiting for my lessons to finish. I'm really not enjoying History, and it seems to drag terribly - I'm definitley considering giving it up at the end of the year. I don't really understand why I don't like it, as I absolutely loved History last year, and am finding it difficult deciding whether to give it up - but at the minute, it seems more sensible to do 3 A Levels next year, rather than four, so I can focus on the other three and hopefully have a little more free time when I'm at home, without stressing over homework!I'm not sleeping at the minute either, which doesn't help - my French teacher asked me in French today if I was tired, and then informed me that I looked it (which took me a moment to translate, given my tiredness!). I'm hoping to get an early night tonight (and actually sleep!) as I went with my mum last night to pick up my sister and her friend from a concert about 40minutes drive away, as she didn't want to go on her own, and we didn't get back til late. I should probably be getting homework done, but none of it's due tomorrow, and I'm so tired, so I'm going to have a night off. I don't think I can face any essays or notes tonight!

I had a driving lesson a couple of hours ago - not the easiest thing when you're tired! - and we went to a local village, doing lots of hair pin bends, which I was getting quite confident at by the end! I'm loving driving, and can't wait for my next lesson on Monday =] I decided to go shopping last week, which probably wasn't sensible as I am saving for America, but as I worked a day and did two babysitting jobs, and haven't been shopping in ages, I decided to go. I wisely steered myself away from Waterstones, as I know I would end up spending a fortune on books I don't actually have time to read, but I did treat myself to some new clothes, and ended up with a new phone, as mine is packing up. I've gone for a contract, something which I've avoided before, but as I seem to spend so much on my mobile, have decided is worth it. It's nice to not to have to think about how much money I'm spending, as it's feixed at £20 a month, which is less that I was spending on pay-as-you-go. And I get a nice new phone =]

As I'm not doing any homework, I'm going to write some more of my novel, which I've been forced to neglect recently as I have had so much homework, and have a nice early night. Hopefully no teachers will be commenting I look tired tomorrow! Hope anyone reading this has a nice weekend =]


Jessica said...

Thanks :o) You have a good weekend too x

Molly said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling so tired Becky, but I know how you feel.

Giving up history sounds like a good plan if you think you'd be happier without it. I dropped 2 subjects at Christmas and felt so much better without them and could concentrate more on my remaining subjects.

I'm glad you're enjoying driving. I've no idea why I hated it so much! Great to hear you had a nice time shopping. Do you use libraries? I borrow most of my books from libraries, so don't spend too much money on books :)

I hope you have a nice weekend too and find some time to relax.

Moll x x