Sunday, 5 April 2009

Donor Day

Ok, so my links in the post below don't work - if anyone could tell me how they do it, I'd be really grateful! Also the picture I wanted didn't come up, so let me just add this now!

Post Pals =
Sarah's Blog =
Molly's Blog =
Holly's Blog =

I can't get the flyer to work...I'll try and sort it tomorrow, I just don't understand blogger sometimes!


Molly said...

How odd. To add links in my blog I just highlight the text I want to make into a link then I click on the hyperlink button at the top of the blog post window and copy and paste the web address into it. The postpals link in your last post worked, but not the blog links.

The flyer has come up though :)

Moll x x

Becky said...

I know, I just realised about the flyer - very odd!

I was babysitting until 2am last night, so I may just be being tired and being silly. I'll try and fix it tomorrow :) Hope everything goes well with what your doing for Donor Day!

Becky xxx