Sunday, 25 January 2009

Birthdays and a little more writing

Time seems to pass so fast - I didn't even notice it's been a good couple of weeks since I last posted on here! It's mostly been school work taking up my time, as usual, but I've also been really getting into writing my novel - I get a bit obsessed when I get into something, and so I;ve been spending a lot of time on it! I've just finished chapter eleven, and am emailing it to a friend of mine every couple of chapters. I find this a little scary; whilst I like my story, someone else is an entirely different matter! But I figured it ought to be read! Both she and I are quite picky about spelling, punctuation and grammar, but I find I don't notice it so much with my own work, so it's really great having her read through it: she finds a lot more mistakes than I can when I read it! I'm now up to 35,000 words (I use microsoft word's word counter regularly!) which is over 100 A5 pages! I'm quite pleased I've stuck with it: it's surprising how much you can write when you set your mind to it! Molly, I used to write short stories all the time too - I loved doing them. Contrasting you, I have probably been using my creativity more since I started Sixth Form - but that's because I chose to English Lit and Language, and dropped all science-y and maths subjects!

After Molly's comment, I figured I'd tell you a little about my family, as I'll probably refer to them at some point or another on here! I have a sister, who's 15 - we don't get on too well a lot of the time, and she does my head in, but I'm pretty sure that's standard for many sisters! I have a half-brother too, who's 26, but he moved away recently so I don't get to see him too much at the minute. I live with my mum and sister, but my dad lives in the same town. That's all the family I really have where I live: the majority of my family live in Germany, so I don't know them all too well!

It was my friend's little sister's birthday last week, and I couldn't believe that she was turning six: I remember the day she was born! I'm really close to their whole family, and so was invited round for a family evening on her birthday. It was really nice, and she loved her birthday present - a cute tartan check dress and a necklace - and wrote me a very sweet thank-you card! She also said that I was one of her best friends; she's so sweet, and always has to speak to me on the phone when I ring my friend!

I'm going to get back to writing my novel now, as I'm enjoying it so much at the minute: the homework's all done for this evening, so I have some free time to be creative before an early night - which hopefully won't be disturbed with gales of wind and loud rain and hail as it was last night!


Molly said...

Congratulations with the progress on your novel, I'm very impressed! What genre is it? Can you tell me a bit about it?

Thanks for the info about your family, I think I might do a brief intro to mine on my next blog post. Coincidently, I've got very similar siblings to you. I've got a younger brother who is 15, and like you and your sister, we don't get on very well. We're like chalk and cheese, so don't have anything in common. And I've an older (half) brother who is 29. My older brother still lives at home though. He has moved out a few times, but keeps coming back, lol. My parents are still together. I've got loads of cousins, but I don't see them much either, as they seem to live all over the country. Do you ever visit your family in Germany?

I'm going to go now as I want to watch a programme on TV from 9 - 10.30pm and I still have some Japanese vocab to learn for a test tomorrow.

Speak soon xx

Anonymous said...

The length of your novel is impresive! Whats the genre? It must have taken you ages to write it. How do you come up with the ideas? Thats the bit I find the most difficult. I did English at university a few years ago and found that as soon as I had to write for other people I hated writing in my free time.
Do you plan to go onto do a creative writing course? I had all my hopes on going to UEA cos they have one of the best courses but I didnt get a place that year so just ended up doing plain Eng Lang/lit, which I did kinda enjoy in the end.
Look forward to hearing more about your writing,

Molly said...

P.S. I started reading 'The Virgin Suicides' last night. I'm really enjoying it it and although it's a bit odd it's clearly very well written. I'll let you know my opinion when I've finished it.

Moll x x

Molly said...

I finished reading 'The Virgin Suicides' today. I really enjoyed it, even though it was quite different to anything I've read before. It was very well written. I've ordered 'Middlesex' from the library to read next. What did you think of it?

Moll x x