Sunday, 4 January 2009

New Year, not so New me!

Happy New Year everyone! I know we're five days in, but this is first chance I've had to write a blog entry. So, Happy New Year to anyone reading this, and especially those who comment on my blog - it's lovely to know people have read it! =]

So, the not so new me part - well, surprisingly, I'm on here because my homework's doing my head in, the essays don't make any sense, and I need some form of escape! I'll just say this is warming up my fingers for the few pages I'm gonna have to finish up tonight. I have started both essays, one of which is just time consuming, but the other is pure evil - Russia History - and is possibly the worst thing I've ever written - it's quite clear I don't know what I'm talking about :s ! So, a quick update on here, then I'll be getting back to it - both are due in tomorrow, which is my first day back.

I really cannot believe how fast this holiday has gone - does anyone else feel like this? One minute I was looking at the two weeks off, stretching in front of me - the next it's time to go back! I guess I've just got to be grateful that we get a week off next month...although at the minute, that seems all too far away!

I've been preoccupying myself with lots of things this holiday -homework not being the prominent thing! I've been working on a novel I've been attempting to write for an awfully long time - I'm up to chapter 9, have written about 70 A5 pages, which is about 20,000 words. I seem to have been working on it forever, and every now and again I have writing sprees, then I leave it for a bit. I enjoy it - even if I really should be doing homework instead of working on it! I've been up late working on it for the past few nights (except New Years Eve, when I went out =] ) and it's getting somewhere - even though it'll be a few years before it's finished! I've also been doing an awful lot of reading and re-reading of my favourite books - I think I;ve read about 25 this holiday - although unsurprisingly none of them have been the ones I was assigned to read over the holiday!

I think that it went so quick because I was ill for the first week of the holiday - but then don't holidays always go quick? All in all, it's not been too bad a break - and I definitely needed a break from school. To be honest, I'm getting fed up of Sixth Form. I'm not sure what it is: there's a lot of work, but I can cope with it, and I am doing so; I don't hate any of my lessons really, well, not as much as I hated some of the ones I had to do last year; and I have good friends. I think I'm feeling like I've grown out of it - I'm ready for Uni (which is still another year and a half to go!) and ready for different people. I remember feeling the same way at the end of Primary School - but none of my friends seem to be feeling the same way.

I hope you all had a good New Years, and here's to a great 2009! My New Years Resolutions: to get quite a lot of my book done, and to be a little more organised. I think I have more hope with the former than the latter!

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Molly said...

Hi Becky,
Happy New Year to you too :)

Your Russian history essay sounds horrible, I hope you're doing ok with it. I dropped history before my GCSEs, as I've never liked it, but I have friends who still do it, and it sounds really difficult. I've had loads of homework over the holidays too, though I'll be doing most of it tomorrow (back to school Tuesday).

I agree that this holiday seems to have flown by. I'm really looking forward to the February half term too, although that's because I'll be going on a school trip to Japan :D

It's nice to hear that you're a keen reader, I'm always reading too, but like you it's usually my choice of book rather than the ones assigned by school. What's your favourite book?

Best wishes,
Molly x