Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Finally a balance!

It seems that, for now, I have figured the secret to success at A-Level - organisation. Unfortunately it's not something I'm great at, but over the last week I've managed to stay organised and focused, and have found I can cope with my homework - which is great, as the teacher's are piling more on than ever. I'm glad I don't have exams this week, as all my friends do - not sure I could cope with revision on top of it all!

I watched the film of 'The Virgin Suicides' on Friday night, and was really impressed by it - I wasn't sure if they could make a good film out of such an odd but amazing book, but it really worked: Molly, you really should take a look at the book! In reply to your comment, I've heard of most of the books you've mentioned, but never read any of them - my sister's always reading Jodie Picoult, and they never appealed to me - but then I said exactly the same about Twilight when she was reading them, and I certainly don't agree with that anymore! On that note, I'!ve given in once more, and am rereading the Twilight books again - I finished the first one again this afternoon. They really are the most romantic books I've ever read!

I've just finished reading a very dull chapter on Russian Collectivisation (for school - I wouldn't recommend it as a bit of light reading!) and so thought I'd come and post on here, as a bit of a break before I pick up whatever book I decide to read tonight, and because I haven't posted on here for a few days! This organisation thing is great (while it lasts!) - I have much more time for reading, and for writing the novel I'm attempting to write, which has reached 30,000 words!!

Other than that, there's not all that much new going on at the minute; I'm looking forward to next month, when I turn seventeen, and will be able to have driving lessons! I was thinking today - for some reason, I was wondering around thinking deeply! - about how I look forward to things. People always say that school is the best time of your life - something I really cannot believe is true (especially not when my parents, who'd both dropped out of school by the time they were 16 tell me it is!) - but I am certainly guilty of wishing it away. I'm always waiting for the next weekend, the next school holiday, and ultimately the end of sixth form. I'm thinking I should perhaps be enjoying what's going on at the minute, rather than always waiting for what's going to come next...it's hard when the current events are just school and homework!

I have work experience tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to as usual - I work with all ages, as it's a very small school (only 47 pupils!) and so I switch between classes, which is nice. I really don't know what age group I'd like to work with - it seems to change depending on which ones I'm with! I love the little ones, but I think I'd be worried I would 'baby' them too much - but we'll see how it all turns out, I guess I don't need any firm decisions yet!

Well, I'm off to read some more - and enjoy the results of me being organised while it lasts! - but I'll post again soon. By the way, really great you've got a blog Molly - love reading other people's blogs!

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Molly said...

Hi Becky,

I've also discovered that organisation helps me keep on top of school work, so I try, but it's difficult to be organised all the time.

I've had a look on the Internet to find out a bit more about 'The Virgin Suicides' and it sounds quite odd. But I've ordered a copy from the library and I'll let you know what I think. It might be a while til I get chance to read it though as school is very busy at the moment (see my latest blog update for more details).

I've read a couple of Jodie Picoult's books, but I don't think any of the others are nearly as good as 'My Sister's Keeper'. I've not read the Twilight books, but have got the first one in the series and it's on my 'to read' pile.

You mentioned a sister in your blog post, is she your only sibling? I've got two brothers - aged 15 and 29.

I'm very impressed that you've written 30,000 words of a novel. I like writing, but have only written short stories. Whilst I've been in 6th form though all my creativity seems to have disappeared, and I've not been able to write for a while now.

The school you do work experience at sounds lovely. I can't believe it's only got 47 pupils though! My old primary school (that I also went back to for work experience) had almost 400 pupils. So I can't really picture a school so small.

Best wishes,
Molly x